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Thank you, mayoral candidate Julio Robaina for standing up to "SAVE" Dade  

 Christian Family Coalition: Thank you,
mayoral candidate Julio Robaina for standing up to "SAVE" Dade's
discriminatory homosexualist agenda!


Mayoral candidate understands the unfairness of treating sexual partners the same as married couples, as well as extending unwarranted "minority" status to homosexualism, bisexualism and transsexualism!



 MIAMI, FL - On Thursday, April 28th, 2011, the Christian Family Coalition's prestigious “Candidate Qualifications Committee”
thoroughly screened all major Miami-Dade county mayoral candidates. Among those interviewed, Hialeah Mayor Julio Robaina gladly volunteered to SIGN, for the second time in six years, the Marriage Protection Pledge committing to defend marriage as one man, one woman, and to NOT surrender to so-called “civil unions” and/or “sexual partnerships.”
(Please see attached Marriage Protection Pledges signed by Julio Robaina).

But his defense of Family values does not stop there. Mr. Robaina also willingly re-affirmed his OPPOSITION to deceptively re-defining and discriminatorily treating both homosexualism and transsexualism (so-called “gender identity or sexual expression) as if they were somehow “civil rights” issues. Mr. Robaina also understands the unfairness of extending to those who engage in homosexual or transsexual behavior special legal status equivalent to that of genuine ethnic, political, racial or religious minorities.

“Miami-Dade voters thank Julio Robaina for defending common-sense values and resolutely expect him to live up to what he pledges and avoid becoming a disgraced; has-been politician like widely-rejected former mayor Alex Penelas or massively-recalled former mayor Carlos Alvarez, both of whom much to their regret, surrendered to “SAVE” Dade’s extremist agenda, Julio Robaina knows that elected officials who lie to the voters and betray their pledges invariably lose their community’s respect and support,” pointed out Anthony Verdugo, Christian Family Coalition Founder and Executive Director.

For more information, please contact Mr. Anthony Verdugo at 305/222-8196.