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Christian Family Coalition applauds Florida Senator George Lemieux, an appointee of Florida Governor Charlie Crist, for his "NO" vote on so-called Hate Crimes!!!  
The Christian Family Coalition applauded Florida Senator George Lemieux, an appointee of Florida Governor Charlie Crist, for his "NO" vote on so-called "hate crimes" legislation.


U.S. Senator

George LeMieux

The Christian Family Coalition issued the following statement:

The United States Senate voted 68-29 in favor of a so-called "hate crimes" provision part of the extremist homosexual agenda to silence Christians and people of faith and use the government to marginalize anyone whose faith is at odds with homosexuality!  This legislation clearly violates the principle of equal justice under the law and infringes on the free speech rights of ALL Americans!

The passage of this bill enshrines hate, bigotry, intolerance and discrimination into federal law.


 "It is truly a sad day in America, when certain classes of people DEMAND to be treated differently based upon their claimed "sexual orientation" and/or "gender identity."  All Americans already enjoy equal protection under the law, it is called the 14th Amendment; however, homosexual extremists are not satisfied and are apparently attempting to trump the First Amendment by trying to censor our God-given free speech rights.  The only purpose of this bill is to lay the legal foundation and framework for investigating, prosecuting and persecuting pastors, business owners, and anyone else who objects to homosexuality based on their faith and/or moral beliefs!  In fact, just last year, EVEN Congressman Arthur Davis (D-AL) admitted that under the legislation pastors could be ARRESTED for so-called hate crimes.

"Dangerous homosexual extremists who try to manipulate public opinion by playing the so-called victims who need special legal protections are truly the VICTIMIZERS who promote HATE, BIGOTRY, INTOLERANCE and DISCRIMINATION against anyone who dares to speak up against their agenda and shares an opinion different from theirs.
"If you don't believe me, just look at their latest high-profile victims: The Boy Scouts of America, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, and now Carrie Prejean, better known as Miss California.
"However, just as Miss California has not apologized, we must not and will not apologize for our values or our beliefs, for when one group of Americans (Christians, conservatives, constitutionalists) have their rights threatened, then we ALL have our rights threatened.  When and where will it stop?  When will it end?
"Please join us in continuing to speak TRUTH to POWER unashamedly, for just as Rosa Parks courageously exposed the social injustices of her day and turned the heart of a nation against unjust racial discrimination, so must we turn the heart of a nation by speaking with courage and moral clarity against modern-day Jim Crow laws that would relegate us to the back of the bus and second-class citizenship, no matter the consequences; for this is the only way we will continue to remain a free people."
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