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20140828 Christian Family Coalition
Attacked for his Christian faith, Broward Lawyer WINS!

Attacked for his Christian faith, Broward Lawyer WINS!


CFC-Qualified Judicial Candidate Gets More Votes than Any Other South Florida Candidate!



Accepted Homosexual Extremists' Support:
Incumbent Miami-Dade Judges LOSES!

>>> Attacked for his Christian faith, Broward Lawyer WINS! <<<

MIAMI, FL - South Florida voters resoundingly confirmed, again, the growing influence of South Florida's Christian vote as witnessed by attorney Stephen Millan's Election Day huge victory. Millan won election as Miami-Dade circuit judge with more votes than any other candidate in South Florida, 98,422.

By contrast, incumbent Circuit Court judge Fleur Jeannine Lobree disrespected voters by accepting the endorsement of a homosexual extremist group and went down in defeat. Lobree associated with the same group behind the recent anti-voter rights lawsuit that trashed the voter rights of all the Floridians who voted in the historic 2008 elections that resulted in Florida's voter-approved constitutional respect for marriage as one man, one woman.

Broward Judicial Race

The tightest and most negative judicial race in South Florida pitted CFC-Qualified attorney John Patrick Contini, against incumbent Broward Circuit Judge Steven B. Feren. Throughout the campaign, Feren attacked Contini's Christian faith calling him a "religious bigot." Voters threw Feren out of office!

"There's a lesson to be learned here. Seeking support from South Florida's Christian community clearly pays off. On the other hand, incumbents that engage in explicit or implicit discriminatory attacks against the Christian community, either by accepting support of anti-Christian extremist groups or by belittling and demeaning a candidate's Christian faith, will be rejected by voters," points out Christian Family Coalition (CFC) Florida Founder and Executive Director Anthony Verdugo.





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